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Annual Fundraisers

Let's build upon the successes from previous years! 
Save the Children (2019-2020) 
NHS raised $1211.06 this year for Save the Children, a leading humanitarian organization committed to providing children in the U.S. and around the world a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn, and protection from harm. Save the Children seeks to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children, and to achieve immediate and lasting changes in their lives.
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (2018-2019) 
NHS successfully raised $1580 this year for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, a leading pediatric hospital that provides care for childhood cancer and other diseases. St. Jude's focuses on helping the world understand, treat, and defeat life-threatening diseases.   
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (2017-2018)
NHS raised $1110 this year for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the nation's largest non-profit organization committed to raising awareness of mental health and suicide. AFSP focuses on funding research, encouraging greater discussion of mental health, and reaching out to those affected by suicide. 
Doctors Without Borders (2016-2017)
NHS was able to raise $1615 for Doctors Without Borders, an organization dedicated to providing medical aid to individuals around the world. With medical projects in over 70 countries, Doctors Without Borders focuses on both responding to emergency disasters as well as providing long-term medical care. Additionally, the organization seeks to bring awareness to the issues they witness. 
World Wildlife Fund Fundraiser (2015-2016)
NHS raised approximately $1500 for the World Wildlife Fund.  This endangered species conservancy helps to maintain and protect habit for endangered species around the world.  They also lead food conservation and provision initiatives to feed the hungry. See for more details.
Feed the Children Fundraiser (2014-2015)
In less than 3 weeks, NHS raised $1475.31 for Feed the Children, a non-profit relief organization that works to end child hunger in the United States and around the world. It does so by providing nourishing meals every day to more than 350,00 children.
Save the Children Fundraiser (2013-2014)
NHS raised $909.27 for Save the Children. This organization helps underprivileged children in 120 countries in areas such as health and education. Families were in great need this year due to crises in Syria and other African nations. Our fundraiser brought awareness to issues that are hard to understand and allowed us to help children around the world.
SAP-VN Fundraiser (2012-2013)
Social Assistance Program for Vietnam is a non-profit organization that provides relief for people in need throughout Vietnam. We raised over $2000 to provide heart surgeries for several children who could no afford them.
Flying Samaritans Fundraiser (2010-2011)
This year, NHS raised $2630 for the Flying Samaritans. 100% of the money we raised went to The Flying Samaritans, a volunteer organization consisting of doctors, nurses, dentists, pilots, pharmacists, translators and charity workers who donate their time to help people in need in Baja California, Mexico.  
The Flying Samaritans also works with many universities in our area, including UCI, UCSD, UCR and CSUF and actively engages students in bettering their society by helping those in need.

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La Quinta Science Department Fundraiser (2009-2010)
Last year, NHS raised over $500 to buy the science department a new electrolysis apparatus, given as a gift from NHS, and a new vacuum pump.