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NHS Service Requirements

Congratulations on your acceptance to NHS! Here you can find information and forms regarding service hours and ISPs (available for download below).
Each semester, a NHS member must complete:
1) 15 hours of volunteer/community service (can be completed through school clubs)
2) One individual service project (4 hours) - involves volunteering with an non-school related organization 
3) Service projects with NHS
A NHS Member can get a demerit for:
1) Missing an official club project
2) Missing a meeting-you must notify the president or the secretary beforehand (if there is a valid absence, it is up to the NHS member to clear their absence with the secretary ASAP)
3) Forgetting to wear their shirt on the day of a meeting or project (1/2 demerit)
4) Being more than 10 minutes late to an official project (1/2 demerit)
5) Failure to give prior notice for missing a project
For every demerit, a NHS member must complete a make-up ISP. Half-demerits are rounded up at the end of the semester.
***At no time are students to drive other students to service events.  Parents with approved insurance policies are the only ones who are allowed to provide rides to service events.***