AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. As such, the students who are admitted to AVID are motivated, hardworking, and college-bound, ready to set goals and tackle obstacles. Every Tuesday and Thursday, students advance their thinking through collaborative inquiry tutorials, with the guidance of college tutors. Our curriculum is focused on college and career awareness and how to navigate the challenges of high school. 


The LQ AVID teachers for the 2023-2024 school year are as follows:

AVID 9: Ms. Kim Ngo | [email protected]
AVID 10: Mr. Nakul Poredi | [email protected]
AVID 11 & 12: Ms. Jaime Dinh | [email protected]


The AVID Elective class is designed to prepare students to qualify for and apply to four-year universities. Students enrolled in this program are placed in a cohort of motivated peers, and together, with the support of their AVID teacher, they research careers, majors, colleges, contemporary issues, and more.


In AVID, we focus on the following:

  • Skill Development: focused note-taking, organization, time management, studying strategies, collaboration, social skills, presentations, Socratic seminars, reading and writing strategies
  • College Prep Classes/Activities: field trips, A-G classes, AP/Honors classes, guest speakers, research projects, digital college crate, financial aid workshops, scholarship applications, PIQs, college applications
  • Tutoring/Studying: twice-weekly tutorials with college tutors, collaborative study groups, AP exam focus sessions
  • Ohana/Community: Fun Fridays, socials, potlucks, senior/freshman buddies, AVID Family Night, AVID Knott's Night

Interested in joining AVID? Have questions about the program? Please feel free to contact the AVID Coordinator, Ms. Dinh, at [email protected].