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Parking & Drop-Off Information

There are two drop-off zones at La Quinta. One is located on McFadden Avenue and the other is on Ward Street. The Ward Street location is primarily for school buses. Most students will use the McFadden entrance.
To drop off students safely, please enter the campus off McFadden Avenue and proceed into the main parking lot. Follow the indicators to the back of the parking lot where you will see the drop-off zone. Vehicles will then loop back towards the street and exit campus by making a right-hand turn onto McFadden Avenue. 
La Quinta High School is located along the busy intersection of McFadden and Ward. The school works closely with the City of Westminster's police department and traffic division to establish safety procedures and regulations. If you are driving around campus or in parking lots, please be sure to read and adhere to the following regulations:
1. ALWAYS yield to pedestrian and bicycle traffic. 
2. Obey all posted speed limits and traffic laws.
3. Obey all posted signage and indicators on campus.
4. Please arrive early in the morning! It is much safer to arrive by 8:00 AM and avoid the traffic rush.
5. Always yield to district buses.
6. Never exceed 10 MPH in a school parking lot, even if no other vehicles are around. 
7. Never drop off or pick up a student in the middle of the street! Adhere to the drop-off and pick-up zones.
8. Do not park in the pick-up area to wait for your student. Park in the parking lot and meet your student there.
9. Obey any and all directions given by campus supervisors, administrators, and police officers.
Westminster and Garden Grove Police Departments will issue traffic violations, so please make sure you are following all California driving laws. 
Visitors are welcome to park in front of the administration building off McFadden Avenue in the designated parking spaces.
Students with a valid LQ parking sticker issued from the attendance office may park in the designated student spaces near the tennis courts. Please note that the parking lot on the corner of McFadden and Ward and the fenced area near the PAC are reserved for staff only. Students must have a valid driver's license and proof of insurance in order to obtain a parking permit.