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Parking and Drop Off Regulations


There are two pull through drop off and pick up zones.  One is located on Ward Street and other is in front of the administration building on McFadden Avenue.  Visitor parking is available in front of the administration building as well.  Student parking is in the large parking lot of the west side of campus near the tennis courts on McFadden Avenue.  THERE IS NO DROP OFF OR PICK UP PERMITTED IN THE PARKING LOTS.  All students driving to campus must have a school parking sticker issued from the bookstore. The parking lot on the corner of McFadden and Ward and the gravel parking lot next to the football field is reserved for staff only.  Consult the school website (laquintahs.org) for a detailed map of student drop off/pickup and additional parking information.  Please note that if our ongoing construction requires changes to our parking areas, we will notify you via our School Messenger service. 



Driving Procedures and School Regulations

La Quinta High School is located on the busy intersection of McFadden Avenue and Ward Street.  The school works with the City of Westminster’s police department and traffic division to establish safe driving procedures and regulations.  If you or your student is driving on the streets around campus or in parking lots, please be sure to read and adhere to the following expectation:

  1. Always yield to pedestrian and bicycle traffic.
  2. On McFadden and Ward Street, obey all posted speed limits and traffic laws.
  3. In parking lots at La Quinta High School, obey all posted signs regarding right and left turns, parking, drop off and pick up, etc.
  4. Morning drop off – arrive early!! Dropping students at 7:30 am will avoid traffic jams.
  5. In parking lots and pick up/drop off zones, yield to district busses.
  6. Never drive any faster than 10 mph in any school parking lot.
  7. In drop off/ pick up zones, drop and pick up ONLY in designated areas. Never drop off and pick up students in the middle of a street.  Students, who exit a vehicle from an illegal drop off or pick up zone, may face a disciplinary consequence.
  8. When picking up a student, DO NOT park in the pick-up area to wait for your student. If your student is not ready to be picked up, park in the parking lot and meet your student there.
  9. While driving or parking on school property obey any direction given by campus supervisors or administrators.
  10. If visiting school, park in the visitor parking in front of the administration building.


Westminster and Garden Grove Police Departments do provide traffic control around campus.  They will ticket violations, so please be sure you follow the simple procedures above.  It is your responsibility to adhere to all California driving laws.  WE WANT EVERYONE TO BE SAFE!