Welcome to the CSF homepage!
"Scholars for Service"
2018-2019 OFFICERS
Chapter: 756s
Adviser: Mr. Geil
President: Michelle Tang
Vice-President: Natalie Nguyen
Secretaries: Courtney Tran and Joleen Nguyen
Treasurer: Thuy Nguyen



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OBJECTIVE: To foster high standards of scholarship, service and citizenship, as well as to award these qualities, and also to aid in the planning of students' futures after high school.
ACTIVITIES: CSF members participate as tutors in the after school tutoring program, as faculty assistants, and as active members of the community through designated service projects. Junior and senior members are given the opportunity to visit college campuses in the fall (past college campuses include UCSD and UCLA).
Meetings are to be announced on school announcement, the La Quinta CSF website, and Google Classroom.
Members who miss a meeting are welcome to regularly check this website for meeting information.
REWARDS: Along with the prestige that comes with being a member of CSF, members with four or more semesters receive a prominent CSF seal on their high school diploma. Seniors with 6 semesters receive the privilege of graduating first of their class, pins, and stoles to wear at graduation. The required semesters for the rewards are listed below:
  • 4 semesters = CSF pin
    - Spring, Freshmen semester does NOT count
    - One semester MUST be from senior year
Nonetheless, the biggest reward that comes with being a CSF member is individual growth in both scholarship and in service!