La Quinta High School

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Health Office » Medications


All parent-authorized medications must be taken in the nurse’s office under the observation of an approved staff member. If a student needs to take medication while on campus, a medicine authorization form must be completed by the student’s doctor and parent/guardian and be placed on file in the health office. The medication must be in a prescription container with a label stating the student’s name, the medication inside and the dose printed by the pharmacy. If the medicine is an over-the-counter medication the authorization form is still required, signed by the prescribing M.D., and the student must provide the medicine in an unopened bottle to the health office. It is not recommended that students carry medicine on them while on campus, but may do so if the M.D. designates this on the authorization form. If a student has medication on campus, without the appropriate form on file, he/she may be at risk of suspension.