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Attendance and Tardy Policy



Telephone: 714-663-6344                        Hours:  6:45 am – 4:00 pm



A parent must notify the office within 2 days of the student's absence through a phone call, a written note, or by sending a message through ParentSquare. Students will be penalized with a truant absence and will be assigned Saturday School if their parent fails to call the office or send a message through ParentSquare within 2 days of the absence.  



Students are tardy if they are not in the classroom when the bell rings.  Tardies are cumulative by semester.  The tardy policy is listed below.

  • First Tardy: Teacher counsels student.
  • Second and Third Tardy: The teacher assigns student detention and contacts the parent or guardian. Failure to serve detention after the appropriate options may result in a referral.
  • Fourth Tardy: The student will be referred to the counselor. The counselor may assign a detention and contact the parent or guardian.
  • Fifth and Sixth Tardy: The assistant principal may assign a Saturday School and contact the parent or guardian.
  • Beyond Sixth: A Parent/Student/Assistant Principal conference with possible referral to the Truancy Reduction Center, initiation of SARB process and an Attendance Contract.