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Transfer Requests

The Garden Grove Unified School District offers transfers to students to attend their school of choice within the district. The following types of transfers are available.

Type of Transfer


How to Apply


Intra-District Transfers are offered to students who live inside the GGUSD boundaries.

Junior/Senior Privilege

11th and 12th graders who attended La Quinta during 9th and 10th grade

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GGUSD website



  • Student moves out of La Quinta's boundaries during the school year
  • Parent request due to transportation hardship
  • Sibling attends La Quinta

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GGUSD website


Special Program

Students want to take a class that is offered primarily

at La Quinta
(Vietnamese, Graphic Arts)

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GGUSD website

Permanent transfer as long as the student is enrolled in the special program

Parental Choice

Student resides within GGUSD, but not within La Quinta’s boundaries and wants to attend La Quinta

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GGUSD website

Permanent transfer.  La Quinta becomes the student’s home school

Inter-District Transfers are offered to students who live outside the GGUSD boundarie

Inter-District Transfer

  • Junior/Senior Privilege
  • Adjustment
  • Special Program


Student resides outside the GGUSD boundaries and wants to attend La Quinta

  • Go to the district office in which student resides and request a Releaseto attend La Quinta.
  • Bring the Release form to the GGUSD office and request permission to attend La Quinta


Students must apply annually to renew this transfer

  • Parents may request transfers for any of the reasons stated above.
  • Parental Choice transfers are automatically granted if the student’s name is selected in the lottery. 
  • La Quinta has the option to accept or deny any non-Parental Choice transfer requests. 
  • If a student is granted a transfer, he/she must meet the following transfer expectations at all times.

Transfer Expectations

A student on transfer is expected to:

  1. Maintain acceptable grades on all grade reports.  Failure grades and/or multiple Ds, are grounds to revoke a transfer.
  2. Maintain acceptable attendance.  Excessive absences, truancies, and/or tardiness are grounds to revoke a transfer.
  3. Maintain acceptable citizenship and work habits.  Acceptable is defined by outstanding (O) or satisfactory (S) marks on all grade reports.  A needs improvement (N) mark may be considered acceptable, but multiple Ns or an unsatisfactory (U) mark are grounds to revoke a transfer.
  4. Comply with school policies, conduct him/herself in an acceptable manner during school time and at school activities, and maintain an acceptable discipline record.  Multiple referrals, Saturday Schools, or a suspension are grounds to revoke a transfer.

While on transfer, students are considered a guest at our school.  La Quinta High School expects students on transfer to comply with these transfer expectations.  Violation of these expectations will result in the transfer being denied/revoked, and the student will be returned to his/her home school of attendance.  Depending on the circumstances related to the violation of terms listed above, students may be dropped immediately.