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ASB Information

Activities Director:
Heidi Nguyen
Assistant Activities Director:
Darlene Machacon
'23 Roster


Emily Nguyen - President

Kenrich Cao - Vice President

Stacy Tran - Secretary

Joshua Ramon Rodriguez - Treasurer



Celine Trantien
Trinity Nguyen
Johnson Ho
Hailey Nguyen
Vivian Vu

Art Crew

Jaclynn Cao
Vicky Tran


Diana Phan
Monique Vazquez


Kimberly Nguyen
Rosemary Do

Public Relations

Camryn Le
Samantha Lam
Leyna Dang
Millicent Vu

Spirit Chairs

Karen Heredia
Daisy Ngo
Kailey Ho

Student Store Managers

Jacob Vu
Javier Bahena-Martinez
Toan Le
Vy Vu


Tawnie Ngo
Jessy Pham
Helene Trantien
  • Visual Arts

    Anh My Pham (Annie)
    Elizabeth Du
    Kaitlyn Mai
    Amy Nguyen
  • Interns

    Anisha Muhamad
    Evangeline Phan
    Metexca Nguyen
    Nghi Tran
*The ASB application process begins around November of each year.  An interest meeting will be announced around that time and the application packet will follow.  Please examine your schedule carefully before applying for ASB because each member are required to have Leadership/ASB for 4th period. This means that your classes will be impacted due to the schedule change. Additionally, after the '20-'21 school year, class presidents are no longer automatically accepted into ASB.  All students are required to go through the application and interview process for the listed commissions.  Another opportunity to join our cabinet is through the ASB intern applications, which are released in the spring semester to 8th grade ASB students (incoming freshmen) from our feeder middle schools.