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Cheer Constitution

 La Quinta High School

Cheerleading Constitution

  • To support the La Quinta High School student body and sports programs
  • To promote school spirit and pride
  • To participate in Regional & National Competitions
  • Members must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 each quarter to participate in cheer.
  • U’s in citizenship or work habits are inappropriate and highly discouraged.  Advisor may choose to take action.
  • Cause of Ineligibility:  If a member is ineligible due to having less than a 2.0 GPA, that person will not be reinstated until official grade reports are received at the school after the entire quarter has passed – a progress report will not be sufficient.
  • Grade checks will be done twice a month to ensure that members are keeping up with their academics.
  • Ineligibility Limitations - During the period of ineligibility, the member:
    • Must participate in 6th period Cheer
    • Is not to be associated with Cheer after 2:38pm.  He/she should study after school instead.
    • Cannot dress out in spirit clothes to school on assigned days
    • Cannot perform in assemblies or any other performances
    • Cannot cheer at any sports event, nor can he/she wear cheer clothes and sit in the spirit section
  • Removal from the Squad for academic ineligibility:  A squad member that is academically ineligible for two consecutive grading periods will be dropped from the squad.  If a member is removed from the squad, but wishes to try out for the following year’s squad, he/she must sign a special agreement stating that any future ineligibilities will result in immediate and permanent removal from the squad.
  • Spring Try Outs
    • If 2nd Quarter’s GPA is below a 2.0 - Ineligibility at the time of tryouts counts as the first offense.  In other words, if a student is ineligible at the time of tryouts in the spring (due to 2nd quarter grades), then makes the squad, the student must bring his/her GPA up to a 2.0 by the end of the 3rd quarter grading period.  Otherwise, the student will have had two consecutive quarters of ineligibility and will be removed from the squad.
    • If 2nd Quarter’s GPA is 2.0+ - If after making the squad in the Spring, a member’s 3rd or 4th quarter GPA falls below a 2.0, the squad member may still participate in summer events and remain registered in 6th period cheer class for the 1st quarter of the next school year.  However, the squad member may not participate in events during the regular school year until the GPA is raised to a 2.0 on the 1st quarter report.  If grades do not improve to a 2.0+, removal from the squad will follow.
  • Spring “Conditioning” Practices: If a squad member is ineligible at the end of the 2nd or 3rd quarter grading periods, he/she may not participate in cheer practice until her GPA is a 2.0 at the next quarter.  However, in accordance with CIF rules, “Spring Conditioning” for fall sports is held in May.  All team members must participate in practice during this time.  Academic eligibility is not a requirement during this time.
  • 4th Quarter: If a squad member is ineligible by the end of the 4th quarter grading period AND he/she makes up that grade in a summer school class, eligibility qualification will include summer school grades.  If, by replacing the 4th quarter’s grade with the summer school’s grade, it brings the student’s 4th quarter GPA up to a 2.0+, then the team member will be eligible for the 1st quarter of the next year
  • As a general rule, the Varsity squad will consist of juniors and seniors.  The Junior Varsity squad will consist of freshmen and sophomores.  All freshmen will be placed on the Junior Varsity team.  Exceptions to the above may be made based on the needs of the squad.
  • The advisor and coaches will decide upon each week’s “Team Leader.”
  • All members must cooperate with the advisor, coach, school faculty, administrators, and team leaders.
  • All members must realize that the manner in which they conduct themselves, in or out of uniform, directly reflects on the entire school.  Therefore, all members will be held accountable for their behavior at all times.
  • Joining the team will only occur at the time of spring “try outs” quarter; no one else will join at any other time.

  • All squad members must be cleared through the LQ Athletic Office in order to participate in any cheer event.
  • In order to obtain an athletic clearance you must:
    • Complete a Risk Form with a parent & student signature, witnessed by a school official.  (This is needed only once in each student’s high school career)
    • Have a physical exam:  The school provides free exams at specific times during the year.  If you miss the provided exam, you must obtain one at your own expense. This must be done annually.
    • Have current medical insurance (school or personal)
    • Have an Athletic Emergency Card on-file with the Athletic office
    • Sign the Athletic Code
    • Have a 2.0 GPA on every quarter report
  • No socializing with friends while cheering on the fields or courts.
  • No public displays of affection in uniform, other than holding hands.  No sitting on laps, hugging, kissing.
  • Smoking, drinking, or drug use at school or any school event may result in dismissal from the squad as well as further disciplinary consequences from the administration.
  • All members must make a conscious effort to set a good example for others at all times, in or out of uniform, on or off-campus.  Squad members are representing the entire student body of LQHS at all times.
  • Absolutely no use of profanity, unclassy behavior, or disregard for school rules at any time.
  • Insubordination or argumentative behavior will not be tolerated and will be dealt with on an individual basis.
  • 6th Period Cheer Class: practices will be held during this time, as well as scheduled Study Hall and weight training.
  • After School:  Monday through Friday as scheduled by the advisor and coach.  Practice times will vary depending on the weather and/or upcoming events.
  • Summer Practices: All students must participate in summer practices.  Academic eligibility is not a requirement during the summer.  However, starting the first day of school in September, all team members must be academically and athletically eligible to participate in practice.
  • Additional practices may be scheduled depending on additional needs.
  • Practices and upcoming events will be noted on monthly and weekly calendars.  These calendars will be given to each member and will be posted in the cheer room as well.
  • Attendance & Leadership:  each week there will be a new Team Leader who will be responsibility for taking attendance, running stretches, and leading the group when needed.
  • Stunting:  The squad may ONLY stunt when a coach/advisor is present.
  • General
    • Squad members must attend all games assigned to your squad, including CIF and pre-season games.
    • When J.V. members attend Varsity games (and vice versa), they are expected to be in uniform and sit in the “Spirit Section.”  Varsity members who are too ill to perform are also expected to be in uniform and sit in the spirit section.  Appropriate behavior is expected while representing LQHS in this section.
    • Non-cheerleaders are not allowed to sit in the Cheer Spirit Section.
    • All squad members must be in “cheer-ready” position two minutes before the start of the 2nd half.
  • Football
    • Squad members are required to make the required amount of posters prior to a football game.  Ultimate decision on poster making is left up to the appointed “Team Leader.”
    • Squad members must arrive on the field at least 60 minutes prior to scheduled game time.  This time will be used to put up posters, stretch, arrange boxes, etc.
  • Basketball
    • Squad members must arrive on the court at least 30 minutes before the scheduled game time.  This time will be used to warm-up and stretch.
    • J.V. squad members will cheer for J.V. & F/S boys and girls (home only).  Varsity squad members will cheer for Varsity boys (home/away) and girls (home/away).
  • Uniforms that are borrowed from ASB must be well taken care of and returned, on time, at the end of year.  If the uniform is returned in poor condition (beyond normal wear and tear) or the uniform is lost, the squad member must buy a replacement for the squad.
  • Individuals may choose to purchase uniform components from ASB, thus owning the uniform themselves.
  • Complete uniforms must be worn at all spirit events.  Wearing part of the uniform and part street clothes is not permitted at any time.  Squad members will lose points if this is to occur.
  • All members will be held responsible for wearing the correct uniform to all spirit events.  Uniforms must be clean and presentable for all events.
  • Clothes to wear on Spirit Days will be assigned by the advisor.
  • Uniforms will be distributed in the Spring of the previous year, after try outs, for the following year.
  • Some additional uniform purchases may occur (up to the discretion of the Booster Club and advisor) and signed agreement from parents.
GRADING POLICY for 6th Period Cheer Class
  • All squad members will begin with 100 points (A+) at the beginning of each semester.  The following are reasons for which they would lose points and their corresponding loss of points:
    • Missing a Competition (12 points)
    • Missing a School Game or scheduled Cheer Performance (6 points)
    • Missing a scheduled Practice (3 points) (except for family emergency or when absent from school that day due to illness)
    • Missing any required items to practice, games, etc. (1-2 points)
    • Late for anything (6th period, practice, games) (1 point per 10 minutes, maximum 3 points)
    • Late or Incomplete Bi-monthly Grade Check (1 point per day, maximum 3 points)
    • Grade Check with a GPA lower than a 2.0 (5 points)
    • Failure to dress out in Spirit Clothes on assigned days (2 points; 1 if missing parts)
    • Negative attitude or disrespect towards an authority figure (1-10 points)
    • Anything else that is late or not completed as decided upon by the advisor
    • Extra Credit opportunities will be available to all squad members who currently have a “B” or lower.
  • Absences:
    • Absences/truancies from 6th period will be handled according to school policy
    • Absences hinder individual & squad performance; therefore, excessive absences may result in dismissal from the squad.
  • Definitions:
    • Excused absence =family emergency or absent from school due to verified illness
    • Unexcused absence =family emergency or illness/school absence.  Jobs and social events will be considered unexcused.
    • Benched = Member must attend the game, in full uniform sitting in the spirit section, but not cheer at the event/s
    • All absences will require a note/ phone call from a parent and/ or doctor
  • When a bus is provided for the team, all eligible members must take the bus to and from the scheduled event.  The only exception is then a parent wishes to take his/her student home from an event and writes and signs a note stating that he/she releases the school from any liability because he/she is driving the student home.  Students will only be released to parents and those listed on their Emergency Release forms.
  • If a bus is not provided, squad members will need to arrange a ride with a parent or drive themselves.  Squad members may not carpool to cheer events/games with a student as the driver.
  • School approved cheer carpools can be arranged to cheer events.  Driver’s insurance must meet the $300,000/$100,000 coverage requirement and must be on file with the Athletics’ Office secretary.
REQUIRED COSTS – Please refer to the financial information sheet.


  • Fall Groups/Clubs: If a member belongs to another group or sport, it is expected that cheerleading will be the first priority.  Squad members will not be permitted to participate in any other fall sports.
  • Winter Sports: Squad members do not participate in Winter Sports.  The time conflict is simply too difficult. 
  • Spring Sports:  Participation in spring sports is highly discouraged due to time conflicts.  Each case will be dealt with on an individual basis.
  • On game days, squad members are required to attend at least three classes of the day in order to be eligible to cheer at that day’s game.
  • Graduating seniors must assist with ALL tryout activities, including practices.
Following due process, a squad member may be dismissed from the squad at the discretion of the advisor for such actions that are deemed inappropriate for people who have been chosen as leaders of this school.

If an amendment to this constitution is necessary, all squad members will receive and updated version. Advisors and administrators may amend the constitution.

I have read and understood this entire Constitution.  I also understand that by signing my name below, I am obligated and responsible for all rules and regulations stated above.

____________________                __________________         ___________________

Squad Member’s Name                       Signature                              Date


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