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Upon entering La Quinta High School, every student is assigned to a counselor who becomes the first source of help in planning courses and developing academic and career goals. All students have equal access to their counselor and all services they provide. Each counselor is anxious to become a friend as well as a consultant. Students remain with the same counselor for their entire stay at La Quinta High School.

Counselors at La Quinta High School are committed to providing a comprehensive guidance program. Each student and parent can expect guaranteed services as a result of the program design.


The three major areas are:

  • College Advisory units in grades 9 through 12
  • Responsive services providing assistance with personal situations requiring individualized assistance
  • Individual and group educational and career planning


Counselors are assigned according to the student's last name:

Maricela Jauregui, Counselor (A - Gom)

Adriana Esquivel, Counselor (Gon - Lopez)

Daisy Gutierrez Counselor (Lu - Nguyen, J)

Patricia Tran Counselor (Nguyen, K - Pham)

Oscar Jasso Counselor (Phan - Tran, S)

Lucy FitzRandolph, Counselor (Tran, T - Z & AVID)