La Quinta High School

According to US News & World Report: LQ is the #2 public high school in OC & ranked #54 in the state. Congratulations, Aztecs !                     
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The Performing Arts Department at La Quinta High School ranks among the best in Southern California! 
With over 10 regular performing groups and many other opportunities for small ensembles and soloists, the Aztec Performing Arts Department is the most visible and dynamic organization on campus.
Part of the UC/CSU requirements, we offer the following courses which meet acceptance standards:
♫ Varsity Men
♫ Treble Choir
♫ Mixed Intermediate
♫ Vocal Ensemble
♫ Marching/Symphonic Band
♫ Advanced Orchestra
♫ String Orchestra
♫ Drama 1
♫ Drama 2, 3, 4
♫ Stage Tech
♫ AP Music Theory
♫ Movement (JV/Varsity)
The Arts make a big difference…
SAT scores for music students are consistently higher than those of non-music students (verbal 59 points higher, math 42 points higher). (College Entrance Exam Board)
67.8% of the highest skilled students in medical schools participated in their school music programs (American Medical Association).
Recent research at the University of California, Irvine showed that spatial IQs of young music students increased by 46%. Non-music students IQs only increased by 6%. Music makes you smarter! (USA Today)
We want people who are…able to solve problems, communicate ideas and be sensitive to the world around them. Participation in the arts is the best way to develop these abilities. (Clifford Smith, President, GE)
Frequently Asked Questions
Am I good enough? Yes. We accept anyone. It does help if instrumentalists have experience, but it doesn’t matter how much you know as long as you are willing to learn, improve, work hard and have fun!
Can I be in Performing Arts and sports? Absolutely YES! We have many athletes, AP students, and club leaders in our groups. You can even be in more than one performing group.
Do I have to audition? All groups are open to anyone, but you must try out for Advanced Orchestra, Vocal Ensemble, Guard and Drum Line.
I have more questions! Contact us at LQ! We’re here to help!