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English 1P Resources
English 2P Resources

Holocaust Research
Centropa - Jewish Historical Institute
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

World War II/Holocaust/Propaganda Research
Digital Notecards
What are Core Values?
Genocide Research
World Without Genocide - Genocides and Conflicts
English 3P Resources
Evaluating Sources
Evaluating Information Sources (The CRAAP Test)
Performance Task Articles
The case for working with your hands
New college grads losing ground...
Even for cashiers, college pays off
Thiel Fellowship pays 24 talented students $100,000 not to attend college
Is college worth it?
English 4 ERWC Resources
Juvenile Justice Research
Juvenile Delinquency - California
Division of Juvenile Justice Research and Statistics

Young Offenders
Recent Court Cases on Extreme Sentences for Youth
Brain Science and Juvenile Justice

AP English Language and Composition Resources

AP English Literature Resources