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About Movement

The Movement's main purpose is to represent La Quinta High School and allow members to express themselves freely through the art of dance.
Our team began back in 2012, as a club with the philosophy of anyone who wants to learn to dance can dance and continued to be a place of support – a family orientated program that shapes self-expression in our youth. Five years later, the dance program has grown to become a foundation for many La Quinta dancers who have continued on to professional and competitive dance teams after high school. Our alumni are affiliated with dance teams through local colleges such as Cal State Fullerton, Long Beach, Chapman, UCI, UCSB and more! We hold an immense pride in knowing that our program helps to create a foundation for so many of our students. We are very proud to say that La Quinta's school culture centers heavily around dancing, which is in large part a credit to our current and past dancers.
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