Mrs. Patricia Tran » Counselor


Mrs. Tran (formerly Ms. Duong) earned her B.A. from CSU Long Beach and earned her M.A. in Counseling from Chapman University. She has been working for GGUSD since 2013 and is dedicated to the academic, personal, and social success of all of her students. 
Ms. Tran currently serves students whose last names begin with Nguyen, K - Pham.  She also responsible for the following at La Quinta:
  • Co-Head Counselor Ad Staff/ Department Meetings
  • 4- Year College Admission & SIR
  • College Boost (Lead)
  • 12th Gr. CCGI Unit (Lead)
  • College & Career Kickoff Event (CAKE Day) (Lead)
  • Master Schedule
  • Services Liaison
  • Senior Awards Night (Assist)
  • College and Fin. Aid Night (Assist)
  • WL Department Meetings
  • Mental Health Support
  • At-Risk Services: Back on Track, Jr/Sr Grad Stats
  • 504/SST Coordinator