Creative Writing Program

Interested in joining the Creative Writing Club? We usually meet on the last Thursday of the month during lunch in room 104. Hope to see you on Thursday, August 26, 2021.
Please fill out this membership application so that we can add you to our club roster:
Have you filled out the membership application and want to submit your writing for inclusion in the 2022 Anthology, which is our annually published book? If so, click on the "Anthology Submissions" page link on the right side of this page.
Note: submissions typically open in January.
Welcome, Creative Writing students, club members, and parents! Creative Writing is a 3-year English elective class program for students who enjoy writing creatively--whether it be poetry, plays, or stories.

Year 1: Creative Writing 1

Open to students in grades 9-12, Creative Writing 1 is an A-G elective class (G category) that introduces students to the basics of creative writing, including study of diction, syntax, pacing, genre, and to prepare students for the Creative Writing 2 course.

Year 2: Creative Writing 2

PREREQUISITE : Successful completion of Creative Writing 1 with a C or higher
Creative Writing 2 is an A-G elective class (G category). In this workshop-style elective writing course, students further develop skills learned in Creative Writing 1 and deepen understanding of the relationship between plot and character. Some topics covered include how to incorporate subplots, how and when to incorporate character arcs, and how to deepen the emotional impact of their writing. Students will continue to work through the writing process with their own poetry, plays and stories. They will develop a broadening portfolio of writing, will engage in critique sessions with other writers, and will submit original works for publication. Creative Writing 2 prepares students for Advanced Creative Writing and Performance.

Year 3: Advanced Creative Writing & Performance

PREREQUISITES: Successful completion of Creative Writing 1 and Creative Writing 2 with a C or higher
Advanced Creative Writing and Performance is an A-G elective class (F “Fine Arts” category); therefore, students will perform work out loud during the revision process to get feedback from peers and the teacher in preparation for a public performance or competition. The purpose of this course is to improve and develop students’ writing and public speaking skills through writing, reading, analysis, evaluation, and performance in various genres such as poems, short stories, memoir, and creative non-fiction, emulating the structures and styles of various authors and their works. They will develop a portfolio of finished pieces each semester through drafting and revision. Students will also reflect on their growth and improvement as writers and speakers, and gain an understanding of the significance of writing to people’s lives. Additionally, the school’s anthology is designed, edited, and published in this course whereby students are responsible for selecting, critiquing, editing, and revising submissions for the finished product. Students will create an author website.


All students who successfully complete any of the creative writing courses will leave the class as published authors. An important part of our class is the annual publication of our class anthology. Our books can be purchased on Amazon. Look for some of our titles written by "Students of La Quinta High School": Abandoned Archives (2021), Letters From the Sea (2020), Spacing Out (2019), Out of Ink (2018), Train of Thoughts (2017), Pages of the Mind (2016), and When You Give a Creative Writing Class a Deadline (2016). All proceeds go back into supporting the creative writing program at La Quinta High School.