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According to US News & World Report: LQ is the #2 public high school in OC & ranked #54 in the state. Congratulations, Aztecs !                      Class of 1970 - 50 Year Reunion details, click Alumni tab below.                                

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By: vivian holland
Posted on: 2011-02-15
Year: 1975
the final farewell
By: john jensen
Posted on: 2011-02-15
Year: june 1987
By: brian tan
Posted on: 2011-02-15
Year: 2006-7
The Aztec SunDance Film Festival
By: Khang Nguyen
Posted on: 2011-02-15
Year: February 2
Lipsync Victory!
By: Lan Huynh
Posted on: 2011-02-15
Year: 2006
thank you teachers
By: Thao-Mi
Posted on: 2009-10-19
Year: 2009-10
By: Theresa Nguyen
Posted on: 2008-11-03
Year: 2009
By: cecilia torres
Posted on: 2008-11-03
Year: 1993
Last Of The Undefeated!
By: John Reese
Posted on: 2008-07-22
Year: 1982
By: Brittany Sherrard
Posted on: 2008-04-21
Year: 2008
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