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All post cards have been mailed for Registration and Materials Pick-Up Info       Registration for Seniors is Mon, Aug 21     Registration for Juniors is Tues, Aug 22     Registration for Sophomores is Wed, Aug 23     Freshmen Early Start and Registration is Thurs, Aug 24 from 1:00pm-5:30pm     Freshmen Parent Orientation Meeting is Thurs, Aug 24 at 6:00pm in the gym     Make-up Registration is Fri, Aug 25     For specific registration times, please see our announcement or go to Facebook or Instagram @TheRealLQHS
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 Welcome to the Senior Class Webpage


These are some of the class activities in which the Senior Class participates: 
Welcome Back Dance
  • Choose a unique theme
  • Plan and organize the dance
  • Choose a unique theme
  • Create costumes, dance routines, acting, making the script, backdrops
  • Get as many people to help as possible
  • One on-campus fundraiser per semester (2 per year) is allowed
  • Holiday grams 
  • Competitions and shows
FallFest and SpringFest
  • Set up a food sales booth at lunch in the quad for both events
  • Sign-up at the ICC meeting
Senior Birthdays
  • Room-around during 2nd period every month
  • Give out cookies, cupcakes, candy, grams, flowers, cards
  • Any senior of our choice can help out pass the gifts out
Senior Video
  • Collect pictures and videos of senior students (try to get to everyone in our class)
  • Take pictures and/or record important events
  • Think of funny, happy, sad and memorable songs to put into the video
  • Ask people to help edit and/or put the video together
Senior Shirts
  • Design the logo
  • Choose a color
  • Order the shirts
Senior BBQ
  • Select food - Hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, salad, cake, fruit, soda, juice, and water
  • Submit possible themes to the senior class president
  • Submit program covers to the senior class president
  • Try out to give a Baccalaureate speech or be the vocalist
  • Make speeches
  • Be there
Grad Night
  • Encourage senior parents to be a part of the grad night committee
  • Make posters, flyers, and announcements for grad night
  • Encourage students to buy tickets

Go Seniors !!