La Quinta High School

All post cards have been mailed for Registration and Materials Pick-Up Info       Registration for Seniors is Mon, Aug 21     Registration for Juniors is Tues, Aug 22     Registration for Sophomores is Wed, Aug 23     Freshmen Early Start and Registration is Thurs, Aug 24 from 1:00pm-5:30pm     Freshmen Parent Orientation Meeting is Thurs, Aug 24 at 6:00pm in the gym     Make-up Registration is Fri, Aug 25     For specific registration times, please see our announcement or go to Facebook or Instagram @TheRealLQHS
Associated Student Body ASB » ASB


La Quinta High School Associated Student Body 2016-2017
Activities Director:
Jason Oda
President - Lily Do
Vice President - Yvonne Nguyen
Secretary- Hilary Dinh
Class Presidents:
Senior - Vivian Do
Junior - Larry Lam
Sophomore - 
Activities/ Athletics 
Ysabello Ho
Vi Luu
Dagoberto Partida
Eileen Tran
Art Crew:
Christopher Diep
Catcat Hua
Thao V. Huynh
Michelle Nguyen
Yenli Nguyen
Katelynn Lam
Amy Ngo
Costume Coordinators:
Christopher Diep
Jacob Nguyen
Kathy Hong
Thao Vy Huynh
Student Store Managers:
Christina Duong
Ryan Dang
Drake Luong
Tiffany Trieu
Lani Tran
Public Relations:
Tu Le
Michelle Vu
Reena Chang
Steven Nguyen
Lucia Vu
Visual Arts
Maithy Tran