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       Congratulations February Athletes of the Month - Taryn Nadeau and Nathan Le                   Seniors, Graduation Products  will be delivered Monday, March 26th by the Cafeteria during Lunch. Graduation products include the following items: Graduation Announcements Name Cards, Thank You notes and all other Senior remembrance items that were ordered back in November.           Spring Break April 2 - April 9                La Quinta Graduation June 14th Bolsa Stadium 7:30pm
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Telephone: 663-6344 and 663-6345    Hours: 6:45 am – 4:00 pm 
Excellent attendance is one of the strongest indicators of success in school and in life.  Please send your student to school every day. If your student misses school, please call the office or send him/her with a written excuse the next day.  The student must take the note to the Attendance Office before returning to class.  Students will be penalized with a truant absence and will be assigned a Saturday School if their parent fails to call the office or a written note is not brought to the office within 2 days of the absence. Students must be on time, attend school regularly, and be in all assigned classes. 
Students are tardy if they are not in the  classroom when the bell rings.Students leaving a note at attendance for a previous absence must be in class before the bell rings or they will be marked tardy. Tardies are cumulative by semester.  The tardy policy is listed below. 
• First Tardy: Teacher counsels student. 
• Second and Third Tardy: The teacher assigns student detention and contacts the 
parent or guardian. Failure to serve detention after the appropriate options may result in a referral. 
• Fourth  Tardy:  The student  will  be referred to the  counselor.  The  counselor may  assign  a  detention and 
contact the parent or guardian. 
• Fifth  and  Sixth  Tardy:  The  assistant  principal  may  assign  a  Saturday  School  and  contact  the  parent  or 
• Beyond Sixth: A Parent/Student/Assistant Principal conference with possible referral to the Truancy 
Reduction Center, initiation of SARB process and an Attendance Contract. 
If your student is absent for a legitimate reason, he/she will have an equal number of days to the days of absence to make up the work. It is the responsibility of the student to ask for and make up work missed. Work that is not completed may result  in  an  “F”  grade. Homework may be requested on the third day of absence. The student or parent must call the attendance office at 663‐6344 or 663‐6345 to request homework.  
La Quinta is a closed campus. Students may not leave the school at any time during the day, including 
lunchtime,  without  an  approved  pass  from  the  Attendance  Office.  All appointments should be scheduled outside of the school day. Students who leave without a pass will be considered truant and assigned Saturday School. Off campus lunch privileges – for lunch only – will be given only to seniors who have an approved senior privilege form on file. Students will only be permitted to leave campus through the Senior parking lot and only after showing their La Quinta I.D. card.