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Testing » Testing Information

Testing Information

Advanced Placement Exams (AP)
Advanced Placement Exams are given in the spring to students enrolled in AP classes.  You can access information about all AP exams at the College Board website.  You can also see released test questions at the Advanced Placement website
Advanced Placement exams are given in the following subjects at La Quinta:
English Language Macroeconomics Computer Science A
English Literature Calculus AB Psychology 
Biology Calculus BC Computer Science Principles
Chemistry Statistics Human Geography
Physics 1 Algebra Based  Spanish Language Music Theory 
United States History French Language Studio Art 
U.S. Government & Politics World History  
California English Language Development Test (CELDT)
The California English Language Development Test is administered yearly to all students who speak English as a second language.  
Students' CELDT scores are categorized into the following bands:
Early Intermediate
Early Advanced

The Garden Grove Unified School District Goal #2 is that "English Language Learners will steadily progress towards developing English language proficiency and will score Early Advanced within four years of entering the district."  The CELDT is used to monitor students’ progress on achieving this goal.  Students take a reading, writing, listening and speaking portion each fall.  Proficiency level results are mailed home by the end of February.
Benchmark Exams
GGUSD Benchmark Exams are administered to students quarterly in their academic classes according to the classes in which they are 
enrolled.  Students may take the following Benchmark Exams:
English 1 World History Biology Algebra I Spanish 1, 2
English 2 US History Chemistry Geometry French 1, 2
English 3 US Government Physics Algebra II  
English 4 Economics      
English Language Development A, B